Who Are We?

We are a non-denominational, Christian Charismatic church in the heart of Market Square, Wicklow Town, County Wicklow.

Banner of Love Wicklow was planted in 2012 by Banner of Love Ministries – PJ & Kathy Hanley and local pastors Kyle & Rachel Chahanovich.

Why Ireland?

On the eve of March 26th, 433 A.D. it was the High King’s decree that all fires in Ireland be extinguished to prepare for the pagan festival of light. On the hill of Tara the king would light a fire, the first of all lights, as a celebration and worship of spring. To this dark and pagan land the Lord sent St. Patrick to kindle the illuminating fire of God. On this eve of complete darkness, a new fire blazed on the Hill of Slane opposite the Pagan Festival Light. St. Patrick lit the Pascal fire proclaiming the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For the first time, the light of God burned brightly over Ireland. It would soon spread to the entire nation.

In 1992, while touring the Irish countryside, Irish-American pastors PJ and Kathy Hanley of Banner of Love Ministries stood atop the Hill of Tara viewing the country side. Suddenly, the presence of God overtook Kathy in a powerful way that she had never known or experienced before. In that moment the Lord spoke to her saying, “I am going to light the fire again in Ireland.” The Hanleys tucked this word away in their hearts for over 15 years until 2007 when God showed them that they had a role to play in this rekindling!

Stepping out in Faith

For five years, PJ & Kathy Hanley began taking ministry teams annually to The Republic of Ireland teaching on and ministering in the increased presence and outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Every year they were blessed and excited by the hunger of the people and the presence of God they saw increasing in the congregations. More and more doors were opening to minister in homes and churches and they felt a strong commitment to continue with this outreach. Out of this ministry, the Hanley’s felt led to establish a base in Wicklow, and together with some of the people there, plant a church in the town. After much prayer, in 2012 they stepped out in faith and sent Kyle & Rachel Chahanovich from their team in in New York to live in Ireland and begin this church plant. Daily, they are trusting God to provide for His work and are excited to see this vision come to pass. Furthermore, Banner of Love Churches are honored to be a part of the rekindling of the fire of God in Ireland.

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