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Mandatory vs Optional (The True Church). Kyle Chahanovich 

The True Church Pt.3 Rachel Chahanovich 

Purim. The Church 

The Parodical Son. Kyle Chahanovich

The True Church Pt.2 Kyle Chahanovich 

The True Church Pt.1 Kyle Chahanovich 

Exposing The Deeds Of Darkness. Kyle Chahanovich 

Abiding. Kyle Chahanovich

Captives Set Free! Rachel Chahanovich 

Video Mentioned In Teaching

Consistency Is Key. Kyle Chahanovich 

Are You Prepared? Pt.2 Kyle Chahanovich 

Are You Prepared? Pt.1 Kyle Chahanovich 

Examine (The Day Of Atonement). Kyle Chahanovich 

Pursuing The Heart Of God (Grace). Kyle Chahanovich 

Waiting On The Lord. Kyle Chahanovich 

The Divided Heart Pt.2 Kyle Chahanovich 

The Divided Heart Pt.1 Kyle Chahanovich 

The Worldwide Body Of Christ. Kyle Chahanovich 

When The Cats Away The Mice Will Play. Kyle Chahanovich 

Provision From On High. Rachel Chahanovich

Fan Into Flame! (2 Timothy) Kyle Chahanovich 

A Biblical View Of Healing & Miracles. PJ Hanley 

What In The World?! Pt.3 PJ Hanley

Video Mentioned In Teaching

What In The World?! Pt.2 PJ Hanley

What In The World?! Pt.1 PJ Hanley

Boundaries. Rachel Chahanovich

The Tabernacle In You. PJ Hanley 

Overflow pt.3 PJ Hanley 

Overflow pt.2 PJ Hanley

Overflow pt.1 PJ Hanley

The Names Of God! Kyle Chahanovich 

What’s That Smell!? Kyle Chahanovich 

The Good Landlord Pt.2 Kyle Chahanovich

The Good Landlord Pt.1 Kyle Chahanovich

The Problem Heart. Kyle Chahanovich 

You Can Have What You Want. Rachel Chahanovich

Growing In The Lord! Kyle Chahanovich 

Walking In Peace! Kyle Chahanovich 

Father’s Day! Kyle Chahanovich 

Pentecost! Kyle Chahanovich 

The Devil’s Arrows – Control. Kyle Chahanovich 

The Devil’s Arrows – Fear. Kyle Chahanovich 

Overcome or Overcoming? Kyle Chahanovich 

Sealed! Kyle Chahanovich 

Get Hungry! Rachel Chahanovich 

Resurrection pt.4 Kyle Chahanovich

Resurrection pt.3 Kyle Chahanovich

Resurrection pt.2 Kyle Chahanovich

Resurrection pt.1 Kyle Chahanovich 

Purim. Banner Of Love Church Members 

Abiding With The Most Holy! Kyle Chahanovich 

What Are We Building? pt. 2 Rachel Chahanovich 

What Are We Building? Rachel Chahanovich 

The Truth About Israel (The Holy Place & The Soon Return Of Jesus Christ) pt. 3 Kyle Chahanovich 

The Truth About Israel (The People,The Land,and The Holy Place) pt.2 Kyle Chahanovich

Video mentioned in teaching 

The Truth About Israel (The People,The Land,and The Holy Place) pt.1 Kyle Chahanovich

First video mentioned in teaching

Second video mentioned in teaching

He Gave Gifts To Men! Kyle Chahanovich 

Walking In Authority. Kyle Chahanovich 

Authority. Kyle Chahanovich 

Getting To Know Your Father. Kyle Chahanovich 

Do You Trust Me? Kyle Chahanovich 

Examine. Kyle Chahanovich 

Jesus The Christ Is Born! Kyle Chahanovich 

Comfort One Another With These Words. Kyle Chahanovich 

Judgement & Compassion Pt. 2. Kyle Chahanovich

Judgement & Compassion Pt. 1. Kyle Chahanovich 

What Now? Kyle Chahanovich 

Special Guest Speaker. Michael Hanley 2nd Sunday

Michael Hanley Prophetic Conference 4. 

Michael Hanley Prophetic Conference 3.

Michael Hanley Prophetic Conference 2.

Michael Hanley Prophetic Conference 1.

Special Guest Speaker. Michael Hanley 1st Sunday

Sermon On The Mount. Kyle Chahanovich 

Mission Possible! Kyle Chahanovich 

The Day Drawing Near! Kyle Chahanovich 

Confidence Or Uncertainty? Kyle Chahanovich

Learning To Abide. Kyle Chahanovich 

Holy Israel! Kyle Chahanovich

Are You Ready To Reproduce Pt. 2. Rachel Chahanovich

Are You Ready To Reproduce Pt. 1. Rachel Chahanovich

Sin Is In! Kyle Chahanovich

Confession Pt. 2. Kyle Chahanovich

Confession Pt. 1. Kyle Chahanovich

The Baptism of The Holy Spirit! Rachel Chahanovich 

For The Bible Tells Me So! Pt. 5 Kyle Chahanovich 

For The Bible Tells Me So! Pt. 4 Kyle Chahanovich 

For The Bible Tells Me So! Pt. 3 Kyle Chahanovich 

For The Bible Tells Me So! Pt. 2 Kyle Chahanovich 

For The Bible Tells Me So! Kyle Chahanovich 

Happy Pentecost! Kyle Chahanovich 

Worship It’s All About Him! Kyle Chahanovich

What Are You Clothed In? Kyle Chahanovich 

Walking In Resurrection Life. Rachel Chahanovich 

To Be Found Faithful. Kyle Chahanovich

Resurrection! Kyle Chahanovich 

Walking In Holiness. Kyle Chahanovich

RTF Part Three. P.J. & Kathy Hanley

RTF Part Two. P.J. & Kathy Hanley

RTF Part One. P.J. & Kathy Hanley 

P.J. Hanley March 22nd 2015

P.J. Hanley March 8th 2015

January 2015

Fan Into Flame! Kyle Chahanovich January 25th

Walking In The Spirit! Kyle Chahanovich January 18th

Do You Trust Me? Kyle Chahanovich January 11th

Happy New Year! Kyle Chahanovich January 4th

December 2014

The Day Drawing Near! Kyle Chahanovich December 28th

Are We Rebels Or Servants? Kyle Chahanovich December 14th

We Are Family! Rachel Chahanovich December 7th

November 2014

What’s Our Attitude? Kyle Chahanovich November 30th 

Testing The Spirits. Rachel Chahanovich November 23rd

Pursuing The Heart Of God ( Pursing Forgiveness ). Kyle Chahanovich November 16th

Pursuing The Heart Of God ( Pursing Love ). Kyle Chahanovich November 9th

Pursuing The Heart Of God ( Pursing Grace ). Kyle Chahanovich November 2nd

 October 2014

Pursuing The Heart Of God ( Pursing Mercy ). Kyle Chahanovich October 26th

Guarding Your Heart. Rachel Chahanovich October 19th

Feasts pt. 2  ( Perfect Love Drives Out All Fear! ). Kyle Chahanovich October 12th 

Yom Kippur pt.1 ( Why The Feasts Matter To Christians ). Kyle Chahanovich October 5th

September 2014

Be Holy For I Am Holy! Rachel Chahanovich September 21st

Who’s Your Trainer? ( The Word ) pt. 2 Kyle Chahanovich September 14th

Video in teaching

Who’s Your Trainer? pt. 1 Kyle Chahanovich September 7th

August 2014

Taming The Tongue ( What Would Jesus Say? ) Kyle Chahanovich August 31st

What Are We Overcome With? Kyle Chahanovich August 24th

See The Bigger Picture ( Good & Evil ). Kyle Chahanovich August 17th

The Suffering Servant. Rachel Chahanovich August 3rd

JULY 2014

 Let’s Get Biblical About Israel! Kyle Chahanovich July 27th

Everyones Favorite Topic….Sin! Kyle Chahanovich July 20th

I Was Made For Love! Rachel Chahanovich July 13th

Don’t Shoot The Messenger! Kyle Chahanovich July 6th

JUNE 2014

Pursuing Your Passion! Kyle Chahanovich June 29th

Mission Possible! Kyle Chahanovich June 22nd

You’re Adopted! Rachel Chahanovich June 15th 

Video mentioned in teaching

Lets Celebrate Pentecost ( Shavuot ) Kyle Chahanovich June 8th

Jesus, The Author & Perfecter Of Faith! pt.2 Kyle Chahanovich June 1st

May 2014

Jesus, The Author & Perfecter Of Faith! Kyle Chahanovich May 25th

Grace Upon Grace. Kyle Chahanovich May 18th

Resorting Balance To The Fear Of The Lord. Rachel Chahanovich May 11th

Video mentioned in teaching.

Mary, Martha, & Lazarus AKA The Three Amigo’s. Kyle Chahanovich May 4th

April 2014

What Are We “Living” For? Kyle Chahanovich April 27th

Power of the Resurrection! Kyle Chahanovich April 20th

Fact or Feeling?  Rachel Chahanovich April 13th

In Your Presence Is Where I Belong! Kyle Chahanovich April 6th

March 2014

Founder P.J. Hanley. March 30th

Moving Forward. Rachel Chahanovich March 23rd

Let’s Celebrate! Kyle Chahanovich March 16th

Let The Little Children Come To Me pt.3. Kyle Chahanovich March 9th

February 2014

Let The Little Children Come To Me. Kyle Chahanovich February 23rd

A Life of Worship. Kyle Chahanovich February 16th

Nothing Can Separate You From His Love! Kyle Chahanovich February 9th

Video mentioned in message

Life And Have It Abundantly. Kyle Chahanovich February 2nd

January 2014

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People. Kyle Chahanovich January 19th

Hope In ___ This New Year pt. 2. Kyle Chahanovich January 12th

Hope In ___ This New Year. Kyle Chahanovich January 5th

December 2013

Come Let Us Adore His Coming! Rachel Chahanovich December 29th

What’s in Your Baggage? Rachel Chahanovich December 8th

Hanukkah. Kyle Chahanovich December 1st

November 2013

It’s What He Likes. Kyle Chahanovich November 24th

Got Joy! Kyle Chahanovich November 17th

You Are The Way. Rachel Chahanovich November 10th

Connecting The Dots (Bread 2). Kyle Chahanovich November 3rd

October 2013

Connecting The Dots (Bread). Kyle Chahanovich October 27th

Connecting The Dots (Light). Kyle Chahanovich October 20th

Restoring Relationship pt 3. Kyle Chahanovich October 13th

Restoring Relationship pt 2. Rachel Chahanovich October 6th

September 2013

Restoring Relationship pt 1. Rachel Chahanovich September 29th

Connecting The Dots (First Fruits). Kyle Chahanovich September 22nd





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